Over the last couple of weeks, I have felt our little one’s kicks, punches, and flips growing stronger and more regular.  This past weekend, my wife was out at the bar dancing with my sister and some friends.  I decided I would rather go to bed than go out dancing (go figure).  I was lying in bed, reading, when I felt the strongest kick yet.  I looked down at my belly, and a little bump popped its way out.  I could actually see it!  From the outside.  This wasn’t a “bubble” or a “flutter” or a “twitch.”  This was a FOOT.  I was so excited, and so sad that my wife had missed it. That was the first kick she could have felt.

It happened again a few times over the next couple of days, always at times she couldn’t feel it.  The more it happened, the more I found myself wanting to ignore my pregnancy apps and read about my baby.  Something about these very real kicks suddenly made the baby itself real.  This is not just a pregnancy, there is actually going to be a baby at the end of it. I know that sounds sort of obvious, but I guess it hadn’t really sunk in, despite the fact that we had talked about names (boy names are hard, y’all), and decided which bedroom would be our baby’s nursery. But I felt my shift focus over the weekend, from bad skin and big boobs and maternity shirts to the actual human baby that I am growing.

My wife did not seem that bothered that she kept missing the kicks.  Last night, she said to me something along the lines of, “I know I don’t seem that excited about the kicks. It will happen when it happens – there will be lots of kicks for me to feel over the next couple of months.”  We curled up to go to sleep, with her arm around me, and just like that, she felt one.  She laughed out loud.  It turns out she is going to have a real live human baby too, and one with a really great sense of timing.


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