solids (the off-switch)

Bumby loves his solids. He actually loves all food, the milky food and the (relatively) solid food. He likes fruit, and veggies, and oatmeal, and little bits of chicken. He likes mashed potatoes, and grapes that I have bitten off 3/4 of and peeled the remaining 1/4. The problem here is not that he is picky, or that I am wasting a half a jar of baby food after I open it, or any of the other things I have heard complaints about. 

The problem is that he has no off-switch. He will just eat and eat and eat and eat. When you look up “how much food should my doc month old eat?” on the Internet, it says not to be discouraged if they stop after a tablespoon or so. HA. 

One night, as an experiment, we decided to see if he would eventually stop. After nursing and then eating an entire jar of homemade peaches and THREE toddler size bowls of oatmeal, I stopped feeding him because I was just horrified. After that, he nursed again. Then he was up half the night with a tummy ache. 

So I have decided to take it up with you moms. Have any of you had a kid like this? Bumby is very fat, but of course he is a six month old baby so he is supposed to be fat. But what if his off-switch is broken? How do I help him learn what it feels like to be full and that, at some point, you need to stop eating? 

One thought on “solids (the off-switch)

  1. We joke that Gus will be the guy in high school that can fit a whole pizza in his mouth at once. He eats a ton. He will show signs he is done (smooshing food around, throwing it to the dog, whining) and we stop then but it depends on the food. Meat or blueberries? He’ll eat all day. We normally just cut him off when we’re done eating.
    Before he was crawling our ped suggested we stop all food (besides breast milk, of course) by 5 pm so his belly was settled at night. At this point he eats right before bedtime starts.

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