the “wonder” weeks

I am not sure why they are called “weeks” when this last leap has lasted nearly a month, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.  

After weeks of millions of night wakings, leaping, teething, congested, refluxing Bumby is finally over his cold, the top two teeth have poked through, and he’s 3 days from the end of that stupid blue thundercloud on the Wonder Weeks app. This last leap has thoroughly kicked all of our asses. Bumby had been grouchy, restless and clingy. But now! Our sensitive guy was up *only* 4 times last night, and went to sleep easily after two of the 4 wakings. We seem to be headed back to our normal crappy sleep, instead of the extremely crappy sleep we have been having. 

And our little Bumbyleo is just shy of nine big months, growing like crazy and wearing 18 month clothes, eating real people food, cruising around the house trying to find trouble to get into, responding to his name and the word “no,” and flailing his arms around adorably when someone says “bye bye” to him. 

I want the next three days to fly by. But then, after that, could time stand still?


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