reflux first 

I can actually learn things, people. It’s true. So perhaps I am approaching the intelligence level of a domestic dog. 

The last thing I wrote about Bumby’s reflux noted that I wished I considered his reflux first, instead of wondering and waiting and thinking it was instead a cold/teething/growth spurt/developmental leap every time his sleep goes to shit and he gets grumpy during the day. Well! It’s happening again. 

At his last GE appointment the doctor was actually great (thank god) and said that although she could increase his Prevacid dose due to his weight gain, if he was doing okay we should leave it as is for now, and change it later if we needed to. He was, so we did. And now, we do. 

Last weekend we were traveling for Thanksgiving, so I chalked up his crappy sleep to a new bed, a cold room, and a lot of new people in the day. I popped him into bed with me when he woke, and stuck a boob in his mouth when he cried. The goal was “as much sleep as possible tonight.” I figured we’d get him back on track with sleeping long stretches when we got home. 

We are home now, and the sleep is still bad. Until about 2 am, at which point he sleeps through. I have weaned him off all of his early night nursing, so when I looked at the pattern, I thought, oh yes. Belly full of food and milk = waking every hour. Digestion complete = sleeping 5-6 hours at a stretch. It was a lightbulb moment. 

Yesterday he assured me that I was right about the cause of his night waking by arching backwards after a midday nursing session, screaming, and vomiting on me. After throwing up, he looked at me and whimpered. I looked closer at his behavior, and I saw it. Little grouchy spit ups here and there. Burping and swallowing spit up back down each time. It’s the reflux, for sure. 

Total time to see it: 5 days. Not weeks and weeks of wondering and waiting and staying up all night. 

So today I will call his doctor and see what his correct dose should be for his 25lbs and 12oz. Yes, he’s a big baby. 


One thought on “reflux first 

  1. We are in the midist of this and have a call in to the doctor about increasing Jace’s dose. We have only noticed a big change at night. He is NOT sleeping! We thought it was teeth, then congestion and now after doing research are thinking its his reflux. Oh I hope the medicine can fix this because these moms need some serious sleep! I hope you get it figured out as well!

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