Bumby has learned to wave hi and bye. It’s always adorable, every time. He usually waves both hands, and typically he waves them at himself instead of at the person he is greeting or saying goodbye to.

Yesterday, at his gym class, he showed signs of a little separation anxiety. He sat on my lap when the other babies came too close, and he hid behind me when one of the teachers tried to show him a toy. This is okay, I think, and we will keep going and exposing him to new people and other babies until he is comfortable. Nothing wrong with being a bit shy, as I am a bit shy myself. It’s manifesting at night as well, in the form of some tears when he wakes up to find himself alone.

And so later that afternoon, I went into the kitchen while I was supposed to be working to see if the dog needed to go out. Bumby hears my voice and run-crawls across the room to get to me. I give him a big hug. After determining that the dog is just barking for no reason, I say, “Okay, I’m going to go work again. Bye-bye, Bumby!” Without breaking his hug, he turns around, and waves bye-bye at our babysitter.

At least he understands the concept.


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