sick house

I have so, so much new house related drama.  But I am in the mode of not jinxing things, so instead I will tell you this:

Bumby:  Ear infections in both ears, pink eye in both eyes, and a sinus infection — simultaneously.  Multiple random low-grade fevers, and a month of having those two snot-trails leading out of both nostrils no matter how frequently I bathe him or attack his face with a Kleenex. And don’t say “nose frida” at me, because the suctioning makes him cry so hard he just ends up with snot all over his face again.

Big brother:  A few random stomach-aches that I think are more linked to school-day content than actual biological illness. Generally healthy.

Boo:  Pink eye and a head cold.

Big one: Pink eye and a sinus infection.

The wife:  Sore throat, cough, pink eye (notice a theme?).

Me:  Six weeks of some horrible headcold that was described by the urgent care nurse as a “super virus,” in addition to a more recent sore throat and cough (that persists even after taking NyQuil cough).  And now, pink eye.

If you browse the blogs, none of this is anything particular to our family. It seems it is just a rough winter, sickness-wise, and only the big brother has managed to dodge it (so far). Poor us.  Poor all of you.  The only ones happy this winter are those with the forethought to buy stock in companies that make tissues and over-the-counter medications.

Can it be spring soon?


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