spring forward

Big One: Do we turn the clocks up or back in the spring?

Wife: There’s a saying. Fall forward, spring behind. 

Me: That’s not right. It’s the opposite, actually. 

And now, a prenting pro tip, from someone who has taken kids of all ages and sleep temperaments across multiple time zones more than is generally advisable. Don’t worry, it’s not going to be some BS about adjusting their bedtime 10 minutes per night for the week leading up to the change, which would be useless to you anyway because the clocks go forward tomorrow night. This stuff always sneaks up on us. We are the people who are putting their kids to bed at 10:30pm the night before school starts in the fall. With four kids, you’re just not organized enough to plan ahead like that. 

The tip is this: Don’t worry about when you put them to bed and when they get up. The thing to adjust is when they EAT. Change your mealtimes to the new time, and their sleep rhythms naturally sync up in just a couple of days. 


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