I don’t talk as much about the big kids on this blog as I do about Bumby. This is not because they are less a part of my life or my parenting journey, it’s just that… they’re older. And at a certain point, their stories are theirs, not mine.

But this week, they are gone. They are in the Caribbean with their dad for Spring Break, and I miss them. It has been so lonely this week, and on top of that, Bumby has been having a hard week. He hasn’t been sleeping well, even for him. He has been grouchy and clingy.  He wants to be picked up all of the time. He has been very pesky with the dog, shoving his pacifier into her mouth, which she then chews. And his water bottle, and his toys, and anything else he wants to “share” with her.

Yesterday was particularly tough, as the nanny had called off, so I was stressed anyway with trying to jam a full day’s work into his naps, which were short and unpredictable. At 5, I finally threw in the towel and we went for a walk. We went down to CVS and  bought Q-tips. We stopped at the bakery on the way home and split a bunny cookie and some apple juice. We went to the playground and climbed on things that were too big for him but fun anyway.  At the playground, there were three big boys, maybe early middle school age, on the swings.

Bumby strode purposefully up to them. “Ah bah bah bah,” he said matter-of-factly. “Wooo?”  He then looked one of them, that I thought most resembled his brother, and said, “UP.”

I picked him up, even though that was not what he was getting at.  We went to the other set of swings, and played by ourselves, Bumby on my lap, swinging as I high as I could while also holding a nearly 30-lb baby.  We went home, and we played with the dog. Mommy came home and we had dinner. Bumby remained clingy and sort of… lonely, until bed time.

These big kids are so much a part of his life, and he doesn’t quite understand where they go all the time. It will be good for all of us when our kids come home.  I guess I am not the only one who misses them.


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