sweet summertime

Babies napping in a diaper with the fan blowing. 

Long afternoons at the pool. 

Dirty bare feet. 

Late night sunsets while sipping rose. 

Days at the beach getting sunburned shoulders and ears. 

And also:

Teenagers in pajamas at 3 pm. 

Bored, bored children who one week ago couldn’t wait to have nothing to do. 

Early wake ups with an early sunrise. 

“Outside? Outside? Please?” when we all know there are dishes to do and things to unpack and worker men in the basement with 100 questions. 

Sweaty back, and face, and neck after biking to the train station in a suit. 

And yet, I will take the bad with the good any day of the week. A crappy summer day beats a perfect snowstorm, if you ask me. 


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