I’m the lucky mama of Bumby, our beautiful boy, who was born in January of 2015.  I’m also the second mom to my wife’s three fabulous kids from a previous (heterosexual) marriage.  Let’s call them:

 The Big One, our oldest, an extremely socially adept 14 year old sophomore girl,

Boo, the middle one, a spunky 12 year old seventh grade girl, and

The Big Brother, an active (notice how I avoided using the word “wild” here?) 10 year old in the fifth grade.

In addition to my human family, I’m also the caregiver for a Corgi puppy named Meg, a half-Siamese cat named Bella, an orange cat with half of a tail named Nate, a much-loved but much-in-need-of-love house on the beach, and a house in the suburbs of New York City.  Before Bumby was born, most of my days, and many of my nights, were spent in a beige room on an upper floor of a Manhattan office building, where I am an associate at a law firm.  Now I work part time at the office, part time from home, and part time doing mom things.  If I didn’t need (and let’s be honest — want) to work for a living, I would spend my extra time fixing up one of our houses, running, camping, gardening, writing, reading books, and hanging out with my family – preferably at the beach.


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