OKAY.  So I am going to stop putting my kids’ ages on here because it’s just ridiculous how often they change ages. Who came up with this system?

I’m the lucky mama of Bumby, our beautiful toddler, who was born in 2015.  I’m also the second mom to my wife’s three fabulous kids from a previous (heterosexual) marriage.  Let’s call them Big One, Boo, and Brother. The first two are girls, and those are their real-life nicknames.  The younger two are boys.  Bumby is the little guy’s real-life nickname too (along with nugget, Bumbs, Mr. B, etc.), but we obviously don’t call our third child “Brother” — its just that his actual nickname is too embarrassing to put on the blog and Brother starts with B and I won’t forget it.

Before Bumby was born, most of my days, and many of my nights, were spent in a beige room on an upper floor of a Manhattan office building, where I am an associate at a law firm.  Now I work part time at the office, part time from home, and part time doing mom things.  If extra time was a thing people had, I would spend mine fixing up one of our houses, running, camping, gardening, writing, reading books, and hanging out with my family – preferably at the beach.

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