the tree of life


(from here)

In my prenatal yoga download podcast, toward the end, we do tree pose, which is basically what you see above, sans roots and leaves. I have always loved this pose, until the prenatal teacher stated that the pose reminded her of the placenta, “the tree of life that nourishes your growing baby.”  At that, I almost dry-heaved.  As in, my stomach lurched and I almost fell over.  I realize this is not very amazon-womyn of me, but I am sort of afraid of the placenta. Or maybe just grossed out by it.  I can’t really explain why.

Before I was pregnant, I was one of those people who considered having it made into pills that I could take postpartum. You know, nutrients, whatever. Plus cats eat the placenta, so it must be the thing to do, right?  I am a cat-lover.  But ever since I became pregnant, I can’t handle the thought of growing some gigantic, slippery steak inside my uterus.  If I think about it too much, I become nauseated.  Needless to say, I won’t be posting any pictures of my placenta-prints on Facebook.*

My sister says not to worry about the placenta so much – I probably don’t even have one.  Here’s to hoping.

*DO NOT click that link and scroll down if you also are pregnant and grossed out by the thought of your own placenta. There are photos involved. I just made this mistake and almost lost the General Tso’s chicken I just ate for lunch.